Workout for Beginners – NO REPEATS

A workout for beginners is for a new workout friends and our friends who are returning to a workout routine. This is all about starting simple and small so each movement adds up to big change!

Steady and gradually this workout moves along so that we can build strength one rep and one set at a time. This at home workout is beginner friendly because we are moving in a slow and focused manner so we can work on form and function which helps us move effectively.

If you are returning to exercise and in need of a beginner friendly workout to help you ease back in this will work.  The slow and steady movements that are repetitive get your body ready for more intense and strenuous workouts!  You can do this!

Workout for Beginners exercises;  Complete each move 10 times. Make sure to keep your abs pulled in and engaged.  Body awareness is also really helpful in deciding how deep to go with each exercise and how many breaks to take.

leg swing
reach down and up

split squat
squat heels up
back lunges
side leg lift
alternating leg kicks

elbow plank
penguin waddle
reverse crunch

straight body stretch
straight leg stretch

These exercises do not repeat. I want this to be maximally fun and engaging for you as you ease yourself into a workout routine.

At home workouts can be very effective and sufficient in creating a healthy workout routine that's convenient and accessible.

Schedule these short workouts in your day so you can squeeze them into your healthy lifestyle!


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