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Welcome to the 5 Day Fitness Energizer Challenge (3)

It feels like there's not enough time to do all the things let alone exercise!

But if I could just find the time to exercise I know I would feel _____!

We know that if we could just take the best care of ourselves we could be the best at taking care of others.  We have more patience, more stamina, more strength... BUT - It's hard to find the time when everyone else's needs come first.

You've tried to exercise on your own before, but you don't know what exercise to do, how much, how often, or if what you're doing is even working.  Then, you stop working out and the guilt sets in so the laundry list of things to do feel more comfortable and manageable.  There's always a reason to not exercise.  I'm here to reinforce, motivate and solidify your workout routine! Oh yeah, and a little accountability to keep you on track...

Welcome to your New, More Energetic Mom Life

These super short, highly effective workouts are 15 minutes or less and make a real impact on your Mom life.  Let's work together to create a life filled with strength and energy.  No more "mom back", afternoon slumps or completely hitting the wall before the kids go to bed!  The first step is to show up, then do the work.  Workouts are designed to move in a simple, easy to follow format with clear directions and modifications based on your specific physical needs.

I know, I know time is just not on your side these days!  But, guess what?  Fitness is actually the secret to more time efficiency, more energy and feeling your best.  Bottom line; You can't afford not to take care of yourself.  Your family thrives when you shine!

Included in your Virtual Accountability Group Program

  • Your Workouts: You will have access to a library of workout videos that stream on so many devices - so cool and convenient
  • Your Success Planner: The Workbook that you'll get right away will help you figure out how exactly you will fit this new plan into your life seamlessly while creating healthy habits.
  • Accountability Layers and Prizes: Part of the layers of accountability include points awarded for solo workouts AND group workouts.  My goal is to help you stay on course instead of falling off.  Prizes are announced MONTHLY to help keep you motivated, because really, who doesn't love prizes?!?
  • Private Facebook Group: You'll have access to our private Facebook Group so we can party it up!
  • Need a little extra love: Personalized programming is available on request.  Strategy call at sign up. No Mom left behind!
  • Did I mention Prizes?  Yep, every month I give away awesome prizes to help keep you motivated when times get tough.

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"Love that it takes me less than 20 minutes to workout but that I'm getting a full body workout. It feels great! After a busy day and coming home to hungry and tired kids, I was pretty discouraged and had little patience and energy but I snuck out for this workout and now I have renewed energy and am in a much better mood. Thank you! - Debby B.


"I've trained with Erin for almost a month now, she's got an effortless teaching style, can-do attitude and always pushes you towards your goal with reminders and positive reinforcement." - Hope K.

"I did today's workout and it was a good one! I think I needed it... we had a crazy morning with tears at drop offs from both kids, ugh!!! I figured I would "reset" before doing some work. Thanks!"- Becky L.


What Moms say about Fit Mom Go 

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Meet Your Personal Trainer


I developed Fit Mom Go to bring fitness to Moms, because Moms have unique physical AND mental demands.  We all know that being active can have profound effects on our lives and everyone around us.  Most importantly, our families benefit when we take care of ourselves.  We're more present, more energetic and can enjoy life more when we feel good.  My goal is to help you find intrinsic motivation that's strong enough to help you maintain a fit lifestyle well beyond your time with Fit Mom Go.  In the program you'll find like minded Moms who also want the best for themselves and their families.  What better reason to make friends, lift each other up and help hold each other accountable. I get you, Mom life is hard sometimes and we tend to put ourselves last.  With this, this one thing everyone benefits if we put ourselves first for just a few minutes a day.

- Erin Kendall, Certified Personal Trainer


Be prepared to outlast the kids!  This workout series is self paced and offers a variety of pre-recorded workout videos for you to complete on your time when it fits your schedule whether you have 5 minutes or 35 minutes.  But don't worry!  We will keep you motivated and on track with the 4 Week Success Planner, our active Facebook Group and PRIZES!  Take a look to see what your new workout routine is about to look like.  Then, head down to Subscribe so you can try it out for a week.

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  I'm a personal trainer prepared to teach you how to love your body, treat it well and reap the rewards.  While my primary goal is not to help you lose weight, that often becomes a byproduct of taking good care of yourself.  Trust your body!

I know, we all want to look and feel sexy, but I promise that the snowball effect is outtacontrol once you start really treating your body well!  Be prepared to create a body you love, energy levels that will carry you throughout your crazy Mom life and a love for fitness you never knew existed.  I'm in this for the long haul.  How about you?