Upper Body Workouts you can do At The Gym

These upper body workouts you can do at the gym are great to build variety into your upper body strength training. Use the large variety of weights for your different sized muscles! Bigger muscles can usually handle bigger weights, and smaller muscles usually appreciate smaller weights. For this workout we are starting with smaller weights and exercises.

If you are a beginner exerciser start with smaller weights and move up when you're ready. It's no fun trying to do a workout when you can't complete the set simply because you have the heavy weights. Listen to your body and do what works for you!

Each set targets a different muscle group. Don't worry too much about the pattern of the moves, because I have it all planned out for you so that we are progressively building our workout up to a higher weight and larger muscle group.

Set 1: Shoulder Workout

Deltoid Lift and Pulse
Anterior Deltoid Lift and Pulse
Horizontal Deltoid Lift
Full Deltoid Overhead Lift

Set 2: Tricep Workout

Overhead Tricep Extension
Tricep kick back

Set 3: Bicep Workout

Hammer Curl
Bicep Curl
Wide Angle Bicep Curl
Horizontal Bicep

Lift Set 4: Back Workout

Bent over Back Row
Bent over Back Fly
Bent over Back Row Asymmetrical

Each set can be completed independently in which case I would recommend doing two sets and pair with a cardio workout or different muscle group.

Upper Body workouts at the gym can be really effective because you have access to so many different sized weights! You get to play around with what works best for you.

I like to do 10 reps of each set with a weight that feels challenging, but doesn't feel like too much of a struggle. This is the perfect way to know that you are lifting the right weight for your body. Move up in weight when the weight feels too easy for a set of 10.

You'll often see me pair the upper body workouts with back workouts, because arm strength is really at it's best when there is a good amount of back strength for support!

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