Upper Body Strength Training Workout

An Upper Body Strength Training Workout can be so beneficial for so many reasons. If you're not naturally as strong upper body, you can build strength fast by focusing on control, repetition and proper form.

The best way to build strength is to focus on one area at a time. I show you how with a simple set of hand weights you can get upper body strength that helps you in your day life, build toned shoulders and arms and feel stronger!

Use this video by itself if you're short on time, or add this workout to another video, run or stretching session to spend more time on yourself.

Utilize 6 lb. hand weights if you're new to upper body strength training. If you're feeling like this workout is a bit too easy that simply means it's time to up your weights. I like using an 8 lb. set of hand weights after upper body strength has a nice solid foundation. You can confidently build upper body strength that will help you throughout your day, help prevent back/neck pain and tone your arms at the same time!

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Strength Training Workout