Upper Ab Exercises and Lower Ab Exercises

This video is very focused and specifically designed to help you feel your way through the exercises. Upper Ab exercises and Lower Ab Exercises will need to be done slowly and in a very controlled manner. Creating the mind body connection before starting the workout will help immensely. One of the techniques you can use is to hold your hand on your area of focus and think about that muscle as you move and get through the exercise rep. This creates the mind body connection so that you're using the proper muscles.

Exhale squeeze abs
Inhale release

Single Leg reverse crunch
Standard crunch
Reverse Crunch
Overhead reach crunch
Clam crunch
Single arm reach crunch

Straight arms and legs

I hope you are able to feel your abs better now! This is a workout you can come back to again and again to give yourself that really solid ab control and stability and strength! Your body's strength comes from the core and benefits every other area of strength you work so hard for.

Take your time, make each move count and think about your move to make the most of it!

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Upper Ab & Lower Ab Exercises | Fit Mom Go