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Welcome to the place where the easy-to-follow Fit Mom Streaming Workout Videos stream whenever, wherever you are on your time!  These workouts are designed JUST for Moms…

Streaming workout videos are for you if you like to do things at your own pace, can kind of hold yourself accountable (we’re here for you!), or you just need extra breaks during your workout.   You can pause the video to do whatever Mom Life calls you to do.  How cool is that!?!  We load new workouts regularly so we can keep your workout routine interesting, fun and challenging in new ways.


Be prepared to outlast the kids!  This workout series is self paced and offers a variety of pre-recorded workout videos for you to complete on your time when it fits your schedule whether you have 5 minutes or 35 minutes.  But don’t worry!  We will keep you motivated and on track with the 4 Week Success Planner and our active Facebook Group!  Take a look to see what your new workout routine is about to look like.  Then, head down to Subscribe so you can try it out for a week.

~What you get~

  • Streaming workout videos designed by a personal trainer for Moms
    • This is the most important part where we build a strong foundation
  • Access to our FB group for accountability prompts and motivation
    • Gentle reminders to make a plan and stick to it
  • 4 Week Success Planner
    • Including a scheduler for exercise and nutrition basics
    • Goal tracking
    • Simple healthy habits to introduce week by week

$19.99/month (First 7 Days FREE)

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