Trader Joe's Healthy Snacks

Trader Joe’s Healthy Snacks

Trader Joe's Healthy Snacks

These are my favorite Trader Joe's Healthy Snacks. A combination of packaged healthy snacks and fresh healthy snacks bring balance to our snack cravings. When possible I grab pre sliced and cut veggies which make a really easy, no-brainer snack super easily!

I decided to throw in a bonus tip about the Trader Joe's Salads which I LOVE. Just be sure to watch out for the fat content of the salads and dressings.  I like to use about half of the salad dressing and after a good mixing it seems to be just enough.

  • My youngest loves the freeze dried fruit because it's sweet and crunchy. The apples seem to have the lowest amount of sugar.
  • I like the brown rice cakes with peanut butter or just plain.
  • Everyone in our house loves the crunchy ranch chickpeas.
  • Trader Joe's makes it so flippin' easy to get fresh produce that's already peeled and chopped! Makes dinner and snack time an easy, no-brainer healthy solution!

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Trader Joe's Healthy Snacks

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