Toddler Exercise Video | Zoo Animal Exercises

James and I created this Zoo Animal Exercises Workout video for kids who LOVE the ZOO! We absolutely love animals in our house. Too bad we don't have room for a monkey or giraffe. hehe.

Acting out your kids' favorite animals is the perfect way to create more mind body awareness. With screens, devices and distractions for kids in their every day lives they thrive off of mind body awareness. A simple yet fun mommy and me workout can help your child feel in control of their body, create space for their creativity and allow them to become a leader.

You can use ANY animals that you and your family enjoy. Each exercise doesn't have to serve a specific exercise purpose like squats or pushups. It can simply be motivation to MOVE!

Have fun moving with your kids and watching them bud into active leaders!

If you have multiple kiddos with you during a workout you might like the Leg and Core Workout With Toddlers,

Most of these workouts are less than 15 minutes which makes it easy to squeeze in between the many, many tasks in your day! Subscribe for free workouts on YouTube! 

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