The Best Smoothie Recipe

Amy walks us through her favorite healthy smoothie recipe. This is the best smoothie recipe for busy parents or any who needs a super quick and healthy snack or meal for on the go!

This is a perfect healthy smoothie recipe. You can add any fruit that you like into your smoothie recipe. There are so many vitamins, minerals and protein. Adding nut butter, protein powder and/or avocado really helps this come together as a meal for busy mornings!

Smoothie for 1:
1/2 cup strawberries
1/2 frozen banana or Avocado
1/2 C liquid

Option Add-ins:
handful of spinach
protein powder
Tbsp. Chia Seeds
Tbsp. Nut Butter

The banana or avocado adds a smooth consistency. Your liquid can be orange juice, almond/cashew milk or whatever liquid meets your taste buds needs.

For extra nutrition add dark greens, protein powder, chia seeds, nut butter. To get your smoothie nice and thick stop during blending to give a push or shake so your ingredients come together. You could also add a drop of liquid to help it move into the right smoothie recipe.

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