The Best Bicep Exercises with Dumbbells At Home

I'm showing you my favorite Bicep Exercises at Home with just a set of hand weights. These are by far the best bicep exercises with dumbbells for beginners and moderate exercisers. The moves I'm sharing with you I use often for all of my Personal Training Clients as well as my Fit Club Members. I have 4 of the best bicep exercises along with cues for proper form!


10 of Each
- Traditional Bicep Curls
- Wide Angle Bicep Curls
- Hammer Curls
- Elevated Bicep Curls



- Shoulder Stretch
- Chest Stretch
- Bear Hugs and Arm Swings

A lot of my workouts are designed for function, fitness and creating definition in the muscles. You might be wondering if your biceps will get bigger and bulkier with this workout and they will not. These number of reps are for toning and strength. We would use a much heavier weight and only lift at 5 reps at a time for bicep mass.

The most important cues for the bicep exercises for beginners is to keep you back straight, belly button in, chin away from chest and elbows pinned at their sides. No floating elbows!

Stay slow and steady for these so you can get the best results!


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