Sugar, and The Rabbit Hole

Let’s talk about sugar, Fit Mom!
As a mom, you have to make the right choices for two reasons: you and your kids!When it comes to you, it can be easy to go for the immediate pleasure, and let’s be honest, sugar does that. It’s not just in your mind, it’s biological! When you feel exhausted, sugar gives you energy. When you feel depleted, sugar gives you a boost. When you feel depressed, sugar makes you happy. That’s fact.And it’s also temporary!Unfortunately all the things that sugar does are short lasting. And if you are turning to sugar repeatedly throughout the day, or routinely at a certain time of day, over time you actually need MORE sugar to get the SAME pleasure. This of course sends you down the rabbit hole of more and more and more, causing you to gain weight and lose energy.

Now let’s look at your kids for a minute. They want sugar. They can be fiends for sugar. They can hold out for a LONG time, refusing the non-sugar foods…and just wait for the next time sugar is available (often breakfast and snacks).

And kids can be annoying! That’s not a secret. Sugar makes them quiet. For a second anyway. So you give them more and more and more… and once again you are going down the rabbit hole of loading your kids up on sugar. In the long term this is even worse for kids’ developing bodies and sets them up for chronic disease.

But okay, maybe you are not that extreme. So where does the line in the sand exist of sugar-not-a-problem to sugar-a-problem?

Well… here’s the totally not sexy answer. It depends.

But before you worry about whether or not you’ve reached the “problem” point you can simply look at whether or not your pattern is pointing in the “problem” direction.

Spend 1-2 days looking at how often you or your kids eat more than 6 grams of sugar in one sitting – FRUIT EXCLUDED. If it’s more than once a day you may want to reconsider your patterns. (And if once a day it is more than 15 grams in one sitting, you may want to reconsider.)

So what can you do? Here are some simple action steps you can follow to reverse this trend!

  • Get rid of sugary drinks completely, including juice. Sugary drinks spike blood sugar more than any other foods.
  • Lower blood sugar by increasing fiber with whole foods; this is why fruit sugars don’t matter.
  • Limit screen time and increase movement, both of these decrease stress in the body and help regulate blood sugar.

Okay, so those are pretty straightforward. But what do you do when you find yourself falling back into the same patterns no matter how many times you try?  If this is the case, then you have a problem behind the sugar.

That might be picky eating, that might be an emotional struggle (boredom, avoidance, loneliness, tiredness, exhaustion – yes even being tired or exhausted can cause emotional eating), that might be lack of planning, or that might be a pattern you can not explain and also can not break!

This is when you need to find support. Whether it is your best friend, your spouse, or a coach, find the support you need to make this change stick.

The best news is that within 3 weeks your hormones will begin to go back to normal and you will be able to begin to enjoy occasional treats without the pull of  sugar in your every day!

If you’ve tried to change your family’s sugar habits in the past and have not been able to succeed, and you know that there is something amiss with how you are trying to implement these changes with your kids, then be sure to sign up for my free Personalized Family Food Rules! [link to opt in]

Alegra Loewenstein helps women to give up the sugar and more importantly give up the guilt in her program, Love Every Bite.

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