Strong Shoulder Workout

A strong shoulder workout is an important one for me. I've never particularly felt strong in my shoulders. Most of use get through our days not realizing how much easier everything becomes once we build upper body strength. Any active lifestyle becomes easier and more comfortable with stronger shoulders. The repetition and consistency of a regular strength training routine can bring your more strength sooner than you'd think!

Use 5 or 6 lb. hand weights if you are just getting started. Each set of 10 exercises should feel challenging but doable. If the set is too hard to finish feel free to drop to a lighter weight. If the set of 10 is too easy, you can add a few more reps or up your weights. Either way, you can change the weights or reps to adjust your workout and personalize your routine for your own needs.

Strong shoulders help benefit a healthy back, neck and make your everyday life so much more comfortable to move through!


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Strong Shoulder Workout Video