Strong Back and Bicep Workout at Home

Your back and bicep workout includes the strength from these two muscle groups to work together almost every time! We alternate between back and bicep exercises so they can get strong together and learn how to work together. Firing those two complimentary muscle groups will help them support each other which becomes functional in everyday life.

Grab a set of dumbbells and warm-up to get those muscles and joints ready for a great workout.

 Set 1:

10 Bicep Curls
10 Double Rows
10 Wide Angle Bicep Curls

Set 2:

10 Elevated Horizontal Bicep Curls
10 Dead Lifts
10 Hammer Curls
10 Back Flies

The back and the biceps are known as the pull muscles because they pull resistance towards your body. Working the muscle groups together protects them from getting over-fatigued. Just focusing on one muscle group per day can become very intense.

This workout is great for your posture as well as giving you the muscle strength you need to complete everyday tasks like lifting your baby, bending over to pick up toys, and even doing housework.

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Back & Bicep Workout At Home 
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