Strong Arms Workout with Dumbbells in 15 Minutes

Creating strong arms requires repetitive strength training. Arms workout with dumbbells is repetitive stressing in those particular muscles over time which helps them become stronger. Strong arms are so important! They will help you with so many tasks throughout the day. To really maximize arm strength we will also touch on back strength as well. This support will significantly create function for your upper body strength.

Strong Arms Workout with Dumbbells


Bear Hugs
Arm Circles

Wide angle bicep curls
Hammer Curls
Tricep Extensions
Repeat x2

Bent over Fly
Squat Reach down and up
Upright Row
Shoulder Press into Tricep Extension
Repeat x2

Shoulder Stretch
Neck Stretch
Tricep Stretch
Roll Down

Weekly upper body strength training will help create functional, lasting arm strength that will help you functionally and tone the shoulders and arms!

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