Strong Arms Workout no Equipment

If you're traveling or don't have hand weights nearby this is the perfect strong arms workout no equipment necessary! Get yourself to a flat, easy to move around surface to make this accessible.

This is the perfect workout to fill in the gaps for when you need a quick and effective workout. While it targets your arms, you are also working other muscle groups like your core and your back. It's also a great way to mix up your workout routine to prevent boredom and give your body variety.

After a quick warmup we jump into the workout using lots of shoulder strength. One of my favorite warmups is a bear crawl because it really moves and stretches the muscles and joints in and around the shoulders. It really does a great job of getting your body ready to move!

Strong Arms Set 1:

Plank arm reach overhead
10 Pushups

Strong Arms Set 2:

Tricep dip down
Side Plank 10 second hold
Arm Circles
Deltoid Pulses

Strong Arms Set 3:

Side to Side Plank
Hand to Elbow Plank
Plank Elbow Up

Just because this workout requires no equipment doesn't mean we aren't getting in a great workout. Bodyweight exercises are very efficient because they are tough at any fitness level. Modify as needed for a greater challenge or to make the exercises less strenuous.

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