Stretches For Neck And Shoulder Tension

You might have neck and shoulder tension from sitting at a desk, repetitive work, poor posture or alignment. If your neck and shoulder tension comes from a muscle imbalance then this workout is for you!

Starting with relaxing the muscles we can focus on just the right spots to help bring balance and alignment. Sitting in a comfortable position is important so that you can truly relax and get the most out of this stretch session.

Deep breathing techniques send a message to your brain that you have a relaxed state for your muscles. This helps your muscles cooperate with what you're trying to achieve here.

Some of the stretches seem like they are working opposing muscle groups and they are! Often times muscle discomfort comes from strain because the opposing muscle is tight. Don't worry though we will hit both complimentary muscle groups.

Hitting all of the neck muscles you will be able to walk away from the stretch session feeling much more aligned and stress-free in the neck and shoulder muscles!

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