Stress Relief Guided Meditation


Guided Meditation


Coaching by Jasmine shows us just how easy it can be to get started with Meditation. Stress relief meditation is important to help prevent stress as well. Stress is part of everyday life to some degree, but it's up to us to determine how to manage it. Follow along with Jasmine Montoya as she teaches us the simple steps to get started with this 5 Minute stress relief guided meditation.

Meet Jasmine!


As a certified life coach, meditation teacher, and Reiki energy healer, I feel that it’s my mission to pass the torch and teach peace and balance to others. Life is full of transition periods, and my mission is to help women feel calm, in control, and complete throughout times of uncertainty in their own lives.

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This is the PERFECT beginner guided meditation for stress relief. Our wonderful Coach Jasmine helps us get into the mindset! #stressrelief