Spinach Smoothie Recipe

This cute kid got a special treat for lunch today!  He helped make his spinach smoothie.  (He thinks it’s ice cream in some form, and I did not correct him.)


1 Handful of spinach

1 Cup of frozen fruit blend

1 Cup of milk (any kind should do)


Put all ingredients in blender and blend away! Add more milk or water slowly if it’s too thick to blend.

Let your kids measure, scoop, spill and have fun with it.  James tried to remove the spinach, but I just distracted him with adding another piece of frozen fruit.  He didn’t get very messy this time.  Maybe because he’s had practice.  Who knows!  The best part is how proud he is of his creation. Spinach for the win!

Spinach has so many health benefits.  I could write a whole book on Spinach alone!  Here are my favorite facts about kids consuming spinach;

Vitamin K maintains healthy bone development

Vitamin A & C are antioxidants necessary to grow healthy body tissue

Folic Acid consumption during pregnancy can help prevent neural tube defects


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