Shoulder Workout with Dumbells

A shoulder workout with dumbbells helps add resistance to build strength efficiently when done properly.

This workout is perfect for you if:

  • You struggle with upper body strength
  • Lifting heavy daily objects is challenging
  • You have little kids who need lifting
  • Upper Body workouts are a challenging area for you

I like these focused workouts because they help us build strength in a specific area more quickly. The repetition in a specific muscle group when lifting sets of strength-building exercises puts just the right amount of stress which means your body will build back up stronger!

I designed this shoulder workout at home to be quick and easy to squeeze into your day. Shorter workouts that pack a punch can be super empowering and energizing!

If you have multiple kiddos with you during a workout you might like the Leg and Core Workout With Toddlers,

Most of these workouts are less than 15 minutes which makes it easy to squeeze in between the many, many tasks in your day! Subscribe for free workouts on YouTube! 

Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells