Resistance Band Glute Workout

Resistance Bands are such an excellent way to challenge your body. This specific workout is a resistance band glute workout that's quick, easy and sure to leave your glutes feeling the burn! The resistance in your band can be controlled based on how much slack you give yourself. You also might be able to choose different band "weights." It's typically in a light, medium and heavy category so if you do have a full set that's even better. Play around with the weight until you find what works for you.  You can check out my exercise band playlist on YouTube for more ideas!

As always, a nice warmup helps prep muscles, joints, ligaments and breathing pattern for the workout. I like to inhale in the contraction and exhale on the release. That steady flow of oxygen to muscles is always helpful.

Set 1:

Back Lunge
Squat Leg Lift
Forward Lunge
Deep Squats

Set 2:

Hands and Knees Glute Lift
Glute Bridge
Single Leg Glute Bridge

These resistance band workouts are so good! I like the variety of challenging moves and controlled moves that can be adjusted based on your needs with resistance training at home.

Glute exercises can sometimes be hard to nail down, but stay focused and keep form on point!

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