Quick Lunges Workout

My favorite lunges are in this workout! I haven't done the diagonal lunge lately, but I absolutely love it for a variety of reasons. These moves will help with strength, function and toning of the leg muscles. With a leg workout at home lunges provide hip mobility better than squats, but also work on toning the legs and glutes. I will show you how to lunge, walk you through each move and provide cues so you can do these with great form and great results.


- Side Lunges - 10 on each side
- Forward Lunges - 10 alternating sides
- Back Lunges - 10 alternating sides
- Diagonal Lunges - 10 on each side
- Front to Back Lunge - 10 on each side

Cool Down

- Walking in Place

I hope you enjoyed this home leg workout. Side lunges workout is a great way to build extra hip mobility and stretching those inner thighs that are so hard to reach. The hip joint is a ball and socket so you can move in so many directions which brings me to the diagonal lunge. The diagonal lunge is a dynamic leg lunges workout move in the best way possible.

Reverse lunges or back lunges for me feel great at helping me keep my form and posture in check especially when I do an overhead reach. That's why I usually add that to a back lunge. It requires you to lift you torso and distribute your weight appropriately between that front and back foot as well as use your back muscles for proper engagement.

Do these moves one at a time and slowly enough so you can feel where your weight is on your foot. We do this set only once with no repeats because this is a lot of lunges!

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