Quick Cardio Blast in Under 10 Minutes!

This Quick Cardio Blast in under 10 minutes is perfect if you need to squeeze in a really productive workout into a busy day! If you're just needing to cross your workout off the list so you can move on with your day this is the workout to do. You won't need any workout equipment for this one other than a chair.

I'm loving the height of the chair as a stepper since it's a shorter workout. You could use a higher stepper for this one or a sturdy chair/surface to get the correct height that works for you.

We start with a quick warmup to get your leg muscles and joints ready for the exercises. Taking your time to make sure your posture looks and feels right will help you with your core stability during the movements. This is important so that you can feel confident as you reach those heights on the stepper.

Keeping your pace during the workout can help get your heart rate up, but make sure you're going at a pace that's comfortable for you!

Side step-ups are a fun way to get your hips working in a different way. Be sure to do a controlled lift rather than a kick. This will create more of a challenge for your glutes and hips making them stronger!

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