Quick and Easy Low Impact HIIT Workout

This HIIT workout is low impact, but still has that high intensity to get the heart rate up. I know you still want to challenge your body and get your fitness levels up higher without too much stress on joints, so this one’s for you!

After a nice warmup that includes moving joints in multiple directions, body awareness were reading to jump in.

The workout is very structured to keep your intense time intense and your down time lower intensity. That combination of higher intensity and lower intensity will help you get through your workout in one piece, but it will also help you focus for shorter spurts which feels way more doable. This is a workout that's perfect for any fitness level. So get ready and let's do this!

Set 1:

Split squats - 10 on each leg
Curtsy lunges - 10 on each leg
Squat Reach - 10
Quick Deep breath

Set 2:

Single leg arm circles - 10 on each leg
Plie Squat - 10
Back lunge Kick - 10 on each leg
Squat Diagonal Reach and Twist - 10 on each side
Quick Deep breath

Set 3:

Alternate Forward Lunge Reach - 10
Narrow Feet Deep Squat - 10
Quick Deep breath

Like regular HIIT, this workout will get your heart rate up, burn calories, and improve both endurance and muscle strength. But because the exercises are lower impact, it will also protect your muscles from injury, joint damage, and pain. Win-win!

Stretching is ALWAYS a good idea after a workout. Take your time, reward yourself and catch your breath.

low impact hiit workout

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