Powerful Leg workout with Resistance Bands

We are doing a powerful leg workout with resistance bands! Using the exercise bands allows us to control the intensity of the workout. Feel free to use heavier or lighter bands depending on what you are comfortable with.

Handles help control the workout and make the workout more comfortable, but if you have bands that don't have handles that will work too. Make sure you are in a comfortable position with your band before getting started and adjust as you go. Sometimes moving the slack from your anchor point, which is usually your foot, helps control the intensity and make the workout more doable. Feel your way through if it's your first time using bands.

After a dynamic warmup we jump right in!

Set 1:

Resistance Squats
Back Lunge Bicep Curl
Squat Side Leg Lift

Set 2:

Hands and Knees Leg Lift
Hip Lift

Stretching is always a nice way to finish a workout knowing that you just challenged your muscles. I always give 5-15 Minutes to stretch depending on how long and how intense the workout was.

Working out with resistance bands is great because they are easy to travel with and you are able to adapt the exercises to fit your fitness level. They are also extremely versatile and can be used in stretching, strength training, and core activation.

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