Posture Exercises

This short posture correction exercises video includes simple exercises that anyone can do to help improve posture and eliminate soreness in your neck or back due to bad posture. Poor posture can come from many places. You might have muscle imbalance naturally, poor sitting posture at the desk or constantly bending over without strengthening the supporting muscles.

In this 7 minute posture exercises video I walk you through targeted exercises one at a time so you can focus and feel each movement. Focus is key here! Please don't rush this workout. We want control with each exercise. Having good posture doesn't come naturally for everyone. Posture correction usually comes from strengthening the back muscles that are weak and stretching the chest muscles which get tight from sitting at a desk or bending over and lifting boxes, children, etc.

We will also touch on posture stretches so you are feeling optimally balanced and in control of your back! Complete these exercises 5 times a week until your back is feeling strong and you're no longer in muscle discomfort.

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Posture Exercises