New Mom Workout Plan from Erin Kendall, Personal Trainer, from Fit Mom GO!

Postnatal workout plan

Postnatal Workout Plan

A postnatal workout plan looks much different than it did before you were a mom. There is so much more to do now and seemingly less time to do it. One thing I know for sure is that our energy and productivity increase with fitness as a part of our lives.

Step 1: Clearance from Dr.
Step 2: Set a schedule and put it in your calendar.
Step 3: Walking 10 Minutes to begin.
Step 4: Stabilize the Core with a Stationary Ab Workout.

This Mom workout plan is meant to help you keep things in perspective, set appropriate goals and find ways to quickly motivate yourself to do a shorter workout that can still be effective.

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Postnatal Workout Plan
New Mom Workout Plan with Erin Kendall, Personal Trainer, from Fit Mom GO!