Postnatal Belly Exercises

Your Postnatal Belly Exercises will help strengthen that core back up after you recover from your delivery. Building a strong core after pregnancy will help you get through motherhood just a little bit more comfortably! Be sure to wait until after your postnatal checkup when your Dr. clears you for exercise.  Always remember when doing your core workout that engaging the core before your exercise helps get you the most out of your workout.  You're going to learn how to do a proper reverse crunch while keeping your back pressed into the floor.  I love doing slow controlled crunches because it really allows the abs and core to engage properly and most efficiently.  Planks are another great core workout because it really works the entire core area if done properly.

For more Postnatal Exercises check out the YouTube Playlist full of Postnatal Exercises.  I like to start with three 15 Minute Workouts per week and build from there.  Grab my Fit Mom Cheat Sheet to get all the tips to make this work!

Postnatal Workout