Plan, Fit Mom, Plan!

As a busy mom, we can easily get sucked into a life of giving to everyone else. When we take a moment to plan out our day/week, we can give ourselves the tools to provide energy to ourselves that will illuminate through everything and everyone.

Have you ever made SMART Goals?

Specific | Measurable | Attainable | Realistic | Timely

Take a good hard look at each one.  Without these elements your plan could fall apart.  As a mom I think it’s especially important to plan ahead.  After I had Ellie, my first born, I thought I was going to run three half marathons the following year.  Boy, did I have my priorities mixed up!  Here I am four years later and I have a goal of running one half marathon this year.

Give yourself time to make a goal, plan for how you’ll reach your goal by scheduling in your calendar and make it realistic.  Use this Free Workbook to help you make your goals and action plans that actually work!

I want you to do 4 things;

  1. Make a Plan
  2. Schedule time in your calendar
  3. Set a realistic deadline/timeframe
  4. Download your worksheet here for how you can increase your energy with 8 super simple steps to a more Energetic Fit Mom Life!

Here’s an example; I’m going to use #2 from the worksheet.

Specific – I want to fill half my plate with veggies at every lunch and dinner

Measurable – 50% of my plate will be filled with veggies

Attainable – If I plan, shop and prepare the veggies, they’ll make it onto the plate

Realistic – Absolutely, I love veggies so I just need to make a list of which ones and maybe find a yummy new recipe

Timely – Today at the grocery store I’ll take a list of my family’s favorite vegetables, come home, wash/prep them to help save time when I need to put together a dinner

To make this happen I need a Plan! Before I step foot in the store I will have my list in hand and set aside time when I get home to wash/prep the vegetables.  There’s nothing worse than throwing together dinner when hungry kids are biting at your ankles and realize you have to cut corners and the veggie wash/prep/cook will take too much time so just throw some buttered noodles at them…. Oops!

This video about healthy toddler meals shows a fun way to include your kids in choosing AND eating their veggies


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