The Nap Time Workout

Nap Time Workout

Nap Time Workout

As a mom, you may sometimes find yourself doing the nap time workout hustle. A Nap time workout is the most worthy use of your nap time quiet time. You may be faced with less difficult tasks when you finally get a few minutes to yourself, but if you can focus on increasing your strength and stamina I'll bet you can be even more productive with the rest of your day! Workout for moms at home takes some strategy and commitment, but I know you can do it!

I won't pretend like there aren't days I would rather nap than workout.  Do not feel guilty about napping instead of working out.  Once you let go of that guilt you can workout with less baggage.  I go by a few rules of thumb to decide if I should push through and do a nap time workout;

  • Did I get 6 hours of sleep?
  • Do I feel sick, under the weather?
  • Could my body feel more refreshed after a workout or after a nap?
  • Will my mood be improved by a workout or after a nap?
  • Am I sore from my workout yesterday?

It's important to check in with your body and listen to your cues.  Just like you listen to your kiddos cues to learn what they need.  Now is more important than ever to be in tune with what you need.  A nap time workout is only beneficial if you can set yourself up for success.

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