Lower Body Workout No Equipment

This is a lower body fat burning workout no equipment that you can do at home. We need two things to get you in the optimum fat burning mode; heart rate up and strong muscles! Let's make the most of our time together and work hard to build strength that lasts. We are working gluteus, hamstring and quad muscles throughout this workout. At times we want your heart rate to get up so, be sure to keep your breathing rhythm consistent for that consistent flow of oxygen.

After a nice warmup to get all of your lower body muscles, ligament sand tendons moving and ready for a workout we jump into a gentle first set.

Set 1:

Back Lunge overhead reach
Squat Side leg Lift
Marching in place

Set 2:

Squat hop
Side lunge knee up
Deep Squat
High Knees

Set 4:

Forward Lunge
Sumo Squat
Back Lunge Kick

Set 5:

Running Squat
Stationary Side Lunge
Split squat hop

This is a perfect workout to pair with an upper body workout or alternate days with an upper body workout. I love that this includes lower body strength plus cardio. Try to keep up with the pace of the workout so that you can really reap the benefit of the cardio portion!

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Lower Body Workout at Home No Equipment