Lower Body Glutes and Thighs Workout

A burner for your lower body glutes and thighs workout! The biggest benefit of focusing on one body part at a time is that you can get farther with that muscle group. There are so many muscles in the body it's hard to hit everything when you're short on time!

Side benefit to focusing on lower body is that your heart rate will increase during this workout as well. Working your large leg muscles requires a lot of blood to pump from your heart and all the way back down again!

These lower body workouts always leave me on a high note! Expect the rest of your day to be energized. If you're feeling sore later today or tomorrow muscle soreness can be treated with.... MORE EXERCISE. Taking a brisk walk, stretching and not sitting for too long is the way to go.

Enjoy feeling your most powerful self during this lower body workout!

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Lower Body Leg Workout Video