Easy Leg Toning Workout Video for Legs and Butt

While we are always working on function and form this one gives a little extra special attention to toning and shape. A targeted Leg Toning Workout will give you the best of both worlds.  You get strong legs that are also toned and shaped!

Stabilizing our muscles will be necessary so making sure you keep your core engaged for extra stability. The slow movements really help us focus on the specific muscle and stabilize the surrounding muscles.

Leg Toning Workout


Leg Swing

Dead Lift

Bent Knee Leg Lift
Hip Lift Pulse
Single Leg Hip Lift
Bent Knee Side Leg Lift
Straight Leg Circles

Straight Leg Stretch
One Leg In Stretch

This workout is short and sweet, but really focuses on that slow and controlled movement to provide toning and function!

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