Kettlebell Cardio Workout

We are going to have some fun with this kettlebell cardio workout! The pumping action that we keep consistent with the lower body helps pump blood and give your heart that cardio benefit.

This workout has many variations on a simple kettlebell swing. Keep you weight on your heels as you swing, and shoulders pulled back for a straight posture. Good form with a solid foundation will make a much bigger impact on your strength training efforts.

After a quick warmup we kick off our kettlebell circuit:

Kettlebell Swing 10
Single Arm Kettlebell Swing 10
Figure 8 10

Lunge Twist 10
Full range Kettlebell Swing 10
Kettlebell Snatch 10

After some shoulder, chest, back and leg stretches you should be feeling more in control of your body and your strength!

If you experience any back pain or discomfort discontinue the workout and ask for help!

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