Imperfect Produce Review

Imperfect Produce Review

Imperfect Produce Review and Unboxing

We LOVE Imperfect Produce delivery days!  This is a perfect way to get your little ones excited about eating healthy whole food.  Watch as we celebrate our delivery day, the kids unpack the box and talk about what they find in the box.  It's almost as good as opening a present on their birthday!

Use the discount link* -> Imperfect Produce < . to get a discount on your first box! No Code Needed!

Check out if they deliver in your neighborhood

$10 of FREE groceries in your first box of fresh produce and groceries!

Use the discount link-  Imperfect Produce to get some $$ off of your first box! 

Some of our favorite ways to gobble up the produce:

  • Wash, chop and store veggies right away for quick snacking throughout the week
  • Stir frys and veggie medleys
  • Grilled veggies
  • Salads
  • Chopped fruit over yogurt or in cereal

How It Works

Each week you get an email with your options pre-selected based on what items are available.  You can choose what you do and don't want.

You can customize your box each week!

Why it's such a good deal

Instead of mislabeled, over supplied or just downright ugly items getting thrown away they get boxed up and sent to you for up to 30% off regular price.  How great is that!  So, essentially my organic items I'm getting for the price of conventional grocery store items.  That's a BIG deal if you're committed to organic.

When you sign up you'll be enrolled in a regular delivery schedule, BUT you can even customize that too!  You can skip a week or how every many you need to skip.

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If they don't deliver in your area just yet keep checking back.  They always are adding new zip codes as they grow!


Imperfect Produce Review & Unboxing