Hip Stretches for Tight Hips

Enjoy this gentle Hip Stretches for tight hips video to help you open your hips whether you have tight hips, achey hips or hip discomfort from a recent workout. Tight hips can also come from a natural imbalance in your body.

We begin warming up the area with some gentle movements and of course some exercises that I sneak in there. You won't even notice you're doing a gentle workout because it's all about what feels good here. Using your back muscles will help your posture in your upper body. While you use your core muscles you can help stabilize your back and give your core a reminder that your core is important to keep strong all the time.

After moving through gentle movements and stretches we get to go a bit deeper and get that super long lasting benefit of loosening up the hip joint. Your hip joint is a ball and socket joint so it's extra important to get moving in all different directions.

To help keep your hip joint healthy and mobile, continue to exercise, stretch and keep moving!

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Hip Stretches Video