Hip Stretches for Low Back Pain Workout with Erin Kendall, Personal Trainer

Hip Stretches for Low Back Pain

Hip Stretches for Low Back Pain Workout by Erin Kendall, Personal Trainer

There are a myriad of reasons why low back pain persists. Some reasons may be because of changes in your body during pregnancy, long hours of sitting at a desk, poor ergonomics and so on.  The hip flexor muscle runs right through the hips making hip flexors stretches for low back pain very effectively.

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Knowing that our hips are connected to our low back muscularly and structurally we can begin to relieve those tight hips and tight low back since they do go hand in hand. Low back and hip mobility stretches are the best way to relieve typical low back pain.

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Hip Stretches for Back Pain Workout from Erin Kendall, Personal Trainer