Healthy Toddler Meals


Healthy Toddler Meals

Healthy Toddler Meals always consist of a balanced portion of vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. This video shows you how I include my kids in piecing together a healthy meal. It can be a fun adventure when we take the time to include our kids in the decision making.

In this dinner planning adventure I take Ellie with me to pick our veggies to go along with our spaghetti dinner.  She picks cauliflower, asparagus and celery for a snack.

Most of our veggie side dishes are very simply steamed and mixed with a light drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper. We like to keep it simple so we can taste our veggies and appreciate the flavor as well as the consistency!

Be flexible and open minded with the children when involving them in the kitchen!


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Healthy Toddler Meal. Learn how to make a healthy dinner Toddler Friendly. #toddlermeals