Guinea Pig Workout | Workout for Kids

This is a fun way to have your kids workout! Create a workout based around their pet or favorite animal. Ask your child what moves the animal does and can they mimic those movements.

Ellie is sharing her guinea pig workout, but you can make any workout for kids fun when you use your imagination. Imagine what your favorite pet might do throughout the day and start to mimic those movements with your body. Use your muscles and have fun!

These exercises not only bring physical fitness but a mental boost as well. Exercise for kids is proven to help improve mood, focus and physical health. Focusing on the whole child begins with allowing children to play, pretend and move freely in a way that feels rewarding.

My kids are always a bit jazzed after a dance party or workout and puts us all in a good mood for at least a few minutes. (wink)

Have fun, break a sweat and let those endorphins flow!

If you have multiple kiddos with you during a workout you might like the Leg and Core Workout With Toddlers,

Most of these workouts are less than 15 minutes which makes it easy to squeeze in between the many, many tasks in your day! Subscribe for free workouts on YouTube! 

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