Full Body Workout | 20 Minute Superset

Today we are doing a SuperSet Full Body Workout. This means we will pair our exercises to keep the momentum going and have that structured workout we are looking for. Two exercises will be paired as a set, then we break for a moment and repeat before moving onto the next set. Supersets are very beneficial because they increase intensity by doing more work in a shorter amount of time.

This workout does require either hand weights or a set of full water bottles for some added strength training. Warmup first to wake up your joints and muscles and make sure they are feeling really good and ready to move more freely.

Arm swings, mini squats, torso twist and leg swings will help get everything moving and prepare your body for a full workout! Are you ready? Let's do it!

Set 1:

10 Bicep curls
10 Back lunges

Set 2:

10 Squat Diagonal Reach
10 Deep Squat Press up

Set 3:

10 Side Lunge Reach and Press
10 Squat Hops

Set 4:

10 Deltoid Lift
10 Forward Lunges

Set 5:

10 Hammer Curls
10 Feet Jacks

Set 6:

20 Jabs
10 High Knees

Set 7:

10 Split Squat Reach down and up

And that's it! Challenging, but totally doable. We can push ourselves, watch our fitness levels increase and our lives start to feel amazing!

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Full Body SuperSet Workout 

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