Full Body Superband Workout

Here is something new: we're doing a superband workout today! Using new tools is so much fun! We can keep the excitement around fitness alive and challenge our bodies in new ways at the same time. This is only my third time using a SuperBand BodyBand and it left me feeling so sore! I'm always looking for ways to challenge my body in a new way that fast, simple and I can do from home. Home workouts are my jam and I love showing how to do them!

If you do not have a superband you could substitute with a resistance band.

The band can be really tough when you first start using it, but don't worry it will loosen up.


Dynamic Diagonal Twist
Toe Kicks
Leg Swing

Superband Workout: no repeats!

10 Squat with band under both feet
10 Hammer Curls
10 split Squats on each leg band under front foot
10 Squat Upright Rows
10 Squats on each leg with band under one foot
10 Shoulder Presses on knees
10 Anterior Deltoid Lifts
10 Assisted Pushups
10 Bicep Curls
10 second V sit Hold
10 leg lifts on each leg
10 Reverse Crunches

Challenging your body regularly helps keep yourself at a higher fitness level. Another benefit of the superband is they are lightweight and easy to transport. So you can throw them in your suitcase or even your purse and be able to get in a great workout wherever you go! Thanks for trying this superband workout with me!

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