Full Body Exercise Ball Workout

Full Body Exercise Ball Workout is so fun to add new challenging moves! Join me as I walk you through some new ways to challenge your body. Using the ball to create instability is the #1 reason to use an exercise ball.

Lower Body workouts with an exercise ball is a fun way to add a different challenge. Overhead raises with the larger ball make your stabilizing muscles work harder. I also use the ball to create an unstable base under my hands as I do leg lifts. Lower back and glute exercises are even better on an unstable surface.

Of course, we finish off with some core exercises. Stability ball workout abs and core are by far the best use of a ball. So many different angles and instability moves to help strengthen your core!


At home workouts are convenient, simple to follow and can be done at your own pace. Please feel free to pause the video to adjust your posture or ball as needed.

Another favorite way to use the ball is for stretches! Allowing your body to use the angle of the ball to stretch can create such a great relief for some sore, tense muscles. Stretching is important for so many reasons, but mostly we need to keep our muscles long and malleable so we can maintain movement long term. Continuing the movement of tissue, flow of oxygen and nutrients into the muscles and joints will be immensely helpful long term!

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Full Body Exercise Ball Workout Video With Personal Trainer Erin Kendall #exerciseballworkout #fullbodyworkout