Favorite Mom Body Stretches

These are my go-to favorite stretches that really speak to my mom body.  As a mom-to-be your back is stressed, your center is off and somehow your body has to compensate for that shift.  Always do what feels right when stretching.  It should be therapeutic and improve the way you feel afterward.  As your belly grows you’ll be limited to how far you can stretch, but it’s important as always.  Areas to focus for mom-to-be should definitely start with back stretches, leg stretches and neck stretches.

For us moms with toddlers, we are always bending over to either pick up a kid or toys or something!  Your back gets super annoyed with all this awkward bending so please do your back a favor… Strengthen AND stretch your back, shoulders, pecs and hips.  No more mom back!

My all time favorite for moms in any stage of motherhood would be the cat camel (hands and knees position pictured above.)  Place your hands below your shoulders, your knees below your hips and begin to slowly arch then dip your back.  Again, it should feel good.  The amount of stretch depends on the person.  So, feel your way through this one.

DO hold your stretch for 10-20 seconds as long as you feel no pain

DO NOT bounce while in your stretch (you could damage your tendons!)