Calorie Burning Workout

This Calorie Burning Workout moves fast, includes weights and is sure to get your endorphins flowing! I love these faster paced workouts when I need an energy boost or a mood boost. A lot of these exercises are combo exercises that use a lower body exercise paired with an upper body exercise so that your blood has a lot of pumping to do to keep up with your activity level.

The reason it's so important to do these calorie burning and heart pumping workouts is because it conditions your heart to live a longer, healthier life.

Weave this workout into your day and/or pair with a walk to meet your activity goals for the day!

If you have multiple kiddos with you during a workout you might like the Leg and Core Workout With Toddlers,

Most of these workouts are less than 15 minutes which makes it easy to squeeze in between the many, many tasks in your day! Subscribe for free workouts on YouTube! 

Calorie Burning Workout Video