Exercise Band Workout

In this Exercise band workout I show you a simple set of exercises to hit a full body resistant band workout. Interchangeable handles make it easy to switch to a heavier resistance when needed.

Resistance bands are great for allowing your body to use stabilizing muscles including the core muscles in a functional way. Exercise with resistance bands is a great way to start a strength training program, cross-train your muscles in your strength training routine and keep your workouts interesting by challenging your body in a different way.

Utilizing multiple tools in a workout will help in targeting different body parts differently. My favorite ways to use the exercise bands include hitting upper back, mid back and core. All stabilizers take part when using the bands.

Try adjusting your base or length of your bands to make each exercise harder or a bit easier depending on how your body reacts to each exercise. Customize as needed!

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Exercise Band Workout Video With Personal Trainer Erin Kendall #Exercisebands #exercisebandworkout