Exercise Ball Workout For Back Pain

This Exercise Ball Workout for Back Pain is perfect if you're looking to relieve your back pain from muscle imbalances. Often times our daily lives bring us to have improper posture. Working at a desk, carrying a child on one hip, repetitive movement during a job are all examples of ways our body can begin to create imbalances. These imbalances are normal and a result of modern life. The good news is that we can create strength and correct/prevent imbalances from getting worse.

Our first priority is to get out of pain. Movement is the #1 way to help you muscles begin to find balance. Movement brings blood flow and lubricates our muscles and joints.

Using the ball we can help activate our core and the stabilizing muscles which support the back. I like the opportunity to use the ball to help get different angles of the back. This way we can use ALL the back muscles, strengthen them and stretch the necessary muscles.

This short workout is done in less than 10 Minutes and will allow you to feel better after just one workout.

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Always use slow, progressive movements when working on back muscles. These exercise are slow and steady so you can start to create the necessary strength to get you free of back pain!

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Exercise Ball Workout For Back Pain Video