Core Stability Workout for Beginners

Today we're using a Grippy ball from SPRI for the Core Stability Workout Beginners will love!!! It's so great because it's literally easy to grip and use as a focal point during the workout. We will use the ball in different directions to challenge all of the core muscles and really push those core muscles to work on stability. Let's go slow and controlled with this one!


Reach up and down
Side Twist


10 on each leg - One Foot Twist
10 in each direction - Feet together Halos
10 on each side - Mini squat twist with a reach across
10 Alternating single leg knee tap

These core strengthening ab exercises are great for low back pain. Giving yourself the support to create a strong posture helps minimize pain in your back, but low back especially.

I like adding these active recovery days so we can continue to move our bodies while we need to rest from more intense workouts. These workouts that build stability also bring a huge impact into our more intense workouts because you will have better body awareness!

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