Cardio and Abs Workout

In this 15 Minute Cardio and Abs Workout video we will cover cardio as well as abs. Knowing this is an unusual pair of exercise goals together I think we can have some fun with this!

Our active rest periods include challenge ab exercises that help us transition from one set to another.


Squat and reach

Marching in place


Marching in place

Side lunge and reach


High Knees Side lunge and kick


Split squat hop and twist

Plank Knee up Jabs

Bear Crawls


Standing elbow/knee crunch

Feet Jacks


Cool Down:

Marching in place


Roll Down

Chest stretch

Side to Side Twist

Standing Leg Stretch


I hope you had as much fun challenging your body as I did!

This workout can be decreased in intensity by taking breaks and pausing the video or making the jumping portions a simple step motion. Feel free to adjust according to what your body needs.

Your Cardio benefit from this workout comes from a consistent movement of your legs that increases your heart rate.

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Cardio and Abs Workout