High Intensity Intervals

You've got the kids at home and they totally cramp your workout style.  No more, Mama!  You can totally do this High Intensity Intervals with the kids at home.  I know, they interrupt, want to be held while you're doing jumping jacks, need a snack, need a nose wiping, hit their sister, throw their toys over the fence, climb on you at the most inconvenient times, right?  Welp, that's fine.  If you allow and expect those things to happen it's not quite so annoying.


Now go set a good example, invite them to climb on you and have fun with it!  Also, it really helps to add some extra buffer time for all those interruptions.  You can do it, promise!


You might also like my Toddler Mommy Dinosaur Workout.  Finding fun ways to work out with your little can be so much fun for both of you. Not only are you instilling the important of health and fitness in your kids lives, but you are enjoying the time you have together!


Mommy and Me Workout Toddler

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