Low Back and Ab workout 

This workout builds core strength which is the entire area around your abs and low back.  We need this as moms. From time to time I experience the “mom back” which comes from the pain of lifting small children off the floor and cleaning up while bent over. That’s when you know to give your back and core some love.

Upper body strength helps with all of this kid lifting as well. Did you know after you turn 30, your body will gradually lose muscle tissue?  Terrible!  I do not want to get weaker as I get older. Use these simple upper body exercises to literally reverse the effects of aging!

Let’s touch on logistics for a moment. If you have a busy day ahead or know you aren’t good at keeping yourself accountable throughout the day then follow this strategy;

What time would you normally wake up?

Now set your alarm 45 minutes before then. Even though this is a 20 minute workout you need buffer time for making coffee, rubbing your eyes, getting dressed (or not), kids waking up unexpectedly and cool down time. This isn’t a super sweaty workout so this is where my secret weapon comes in… dry shampoo. I washed my hair yesterday so it’s really fine with me if I just use dry shampoo today. That saves me 20 minutes between washing and drying.
This 20 minute workout moves quickly. Feel free to pause the video for a super quick drink of water or kid waking up etc. The point here is to make the most of your time. Use a slightly heavier weight if you have it. 10 or 15 lbs will do.

Workout with Kids at Home