Booty Workout with Weights

This Booty Workout with Weights gives us a little extra push to keep challenging those stabilizing muscles along with the focus muscle group. Start with 5 or 6 lb. hand weights if you're just getting started and feel free to move up in weights when you are ready! Not only do we want shape, but we want strength, functionality and a whole body strength to work as one. Join me as I squeeze in some extra areas of the body that help with creating a really functional workout. Our body moves as a whole, so we workout as a whole!

We do a lot of squats and squat-like movements in this workout so be sure to keep those heels in the ground as your anchor keep your weight toward your heels.

Warm up

5-10 Squat Reach
5-10 Toe Kicks
5-10 Leg Swings


Set 1:

10 Squat Reach
10 Split Squats
10 Sumo Squats
10 Weighted Squats

Set 2:

10 Dead lifts
10 Squat Side Leg Lift
10 Standing Single Leg Lifts
10 Deep Squats

Set 3:

10 Hands and Knees Leg Lifts
10 Glute Lifts
10 Side Plank Leg Lifts
10 Step Kick
10 Deep Squat Knee Up

Cool down and Stretch! I love finishing my workouts with a roll down. It feels like a bit of mind body awareness self care bundled up with the best back stretch ever!

Follow along as I give you cues and guidance during each move. Always feel free to adjust to your current fitness levels by changing the depth or weights of each exercise. It's your body, listen to it!

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